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Oct. 27, 2022

79. Urban Exodus

79. Urban Exodus

Let's talk more broadly about this movement to the country and the experience for each of us. I speak to artist and photographer Alissa Hessler, founder of Urban Exodus, a project and podcast. She is also author of Ditch The City and Go Country: How to Master the Art of Rural Life From a Former City Dweller, which is how I first found out about her. You can already tell she's a role model for me.

From her studio in Maine, Alissa talks about her move to the country, what she's learned, the impact on her life, the stories she's chronicled in others, advice for you, and of course about the Hudson Valley. We also start to get our heads around winter coming and what she does to get through and thrive in it. Spoiler: canning and a dance party!

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