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Quirky and so clever. Cidiot takes a not unfamiliar concept to a very high level with razor sharp observations and insight. Love the song, the production and especially the host.

Not just for Cidiots!

Informative and fun, whether you live in the city, the country, or both! Mat will make you learn and laugh!

City mouse in the country

I enjoy this podcast, it’s a wonderful exploration of cultural adjustment in real time. Mat is learning what it’s like to be a country mouse and, as former country mouse myself, I’m enjoying a lot of the ride.

Citiot is a wonderful guide to living in the Hudson Valley

When my husband and I moved up to Dutchess 3 years ago we felt like we had landed in the best place to live in the world! It has a fabulous food scene, great hiking trails and free parking. We were eager to learn about the culture of the Hudson Valley and read about events and people in The Chronogram. In their Best Of issue I learned about the Citiot podcast. Mat Zucker and his husband moved up from the city and Mat talks about their discoveries and lives with his listeners. I loved hearing about them buying wine from Michael at Hudson Wine Merchants- we too have been buying wine from Michael for many years. He knows our tastes and always makes excellent recommendations. After binging Season 4 of Citiot and hearing Mat rave about GioBatta’s Alimentari in Tivoli we just had to go- it was THE BEST food we had in a restaurant since the pandemic started. Great pastas and cocktails and very friendly service. We also went to Fortune’s Ice Cream shop, another of his recommendations - my Lebneh Sour Cherry was delicious. Mat did a show about imby which stands for “in my backyard”. I signed up for the newsletter and now I have more information about news and social events in the area. I am looking forward to hearing future Citiot episodes and recommend these podcasts to anyone who lives here or wants to. They are a wonderful ode to this beautiful part of our world.


What would you do for a free hat? We’ll get to that later. But if you are in search of good authentic stories of discovery, human relationships, and taking joy in the small things, Cidiot is for you. And if you like free hats, write another great review. Mat’s not only a great strategic marketer (listen to his Rising podcast) but a master tactician as well.

Cidiot is a Gem

Hilarious and thought provoking, Mat’s ruminations on country life are a treat to listen to. Definitely hit that subscribe button. Looking forward to more!


I'm fortunate that I've been able to partner with Mat and his Cidiot podcast. Mat is an amazing podcaster. Easy to listen to. I laugh out loud many times while listening to the podcast. Most times I'm nodding my head along with what Mat's talking about. I highly recommend Cidiot...even if you aren't a cidiot. You will not be sorry that you are following along on Mat's adventures. xoxo


What a wonderful podcast by the gifted Mat Zucker. I highly recommend it.

Humane, uplifting

Getting out of the city to start a new life in and around nature, the hosts of this lovely pod really emanate warmth as they describe their experiences and attitude shifts re making friends and getting used to new everyday rhythms and surrounds. A universal vibe that’s rarely offered as generously and humanely as it is by this addictively charming show.

Welcome back!!

So excited for season 3 Mat!!!

City Mouse Moves to the Country

Is it too soon to vote this most improved podcast of the year? Same thoughtful, helpful and touching content about life in the country (or even *another* country), but minus sound level inconsistencies and breakneck recitation. Good job, Mat!

Really nice commentary on the Hudson Valley

Ive lived here for almost thirty years and I’ve been taking it for granted. I may actually do some of the activities you suggest. Thank you, Your Uber Driver

Delicious stories about the Hudson Valley

As newly-arrived fellow Cidiots in the Hudson Valley, this podcast feels very close to home, almost as if we are living parallel lives. It has taught us so much about life in this gorgeous part of the world, such as the mysteries of firewood delivery, how to break into local friendship circles, and why the color red just seems to work up here. It’s charming, hilarious, and delicious, and I can’t get enough of it.

A great resource for upstate explorers.

A great resource for those exploring a life outside the city upstate, or just the occasional escape. Lots of great tips, stories, and anecdotes!

Cidiot dreaming

I really love this podcast and always look forward to new eps! It’ll be at least another year before my husband and I can escape the city and realize our dream of becoming cidiots and this podcast is holding me over until then. As a narrator Mat has a kind and funny voice and I’ve learned a lot! (Id also be more than happy to listen to longer eps :) ) Thanks for making the show!

Wit and wisdom

I love Cidiot. Cautionary tales and investigative journalism from someone who loves his neighbors. Listen and learn. Also, laugh. Thanks, Mat!

I enjoy this podcast, but..

I really enjoy this podcast, but I would like some longer episodes. Almost every topic brought up got get a for more thoughts. The Hudson Valley is one of my all time favorite spots, it has so much to offer! I want to hear more about the day to day life of living in this area. I would also enjoy a longer episode about your “hosting” styles. Love the podcast! Keep up the great work..just give us a little more please

Country living made easy!!

Part how-to, part humor, Cidiot is the podcast you need if you are visiting or moving to the country from the city. Filled with stories that make you smile, and advice learned the hard way, Mat is a joy to listen to. Almost wants to make this city girl head for the hills!

Craryville Onboard!

As fellow part-timers-who-wanna-be more, we’re loving this upstate primer. Mat mixes practical tips and wisdom with fun anecdotes. I particularly like his up/downstate sartorial suggestions!

Country Gentlemen!

Thoroughly enjoying Mat's tales of life in the Hudson Valley. Each episode is perfectly bite-sized...packed with relevant facts AND humorous stories!

You’ll love it

I grew up in the Hudson Valley, moved to Manhattan (were I still reside), and now have a house upstate too. I’m not sure if that makes me a cidiot or not but Mat & Brian ddddefinately are 😂. Mat’s dry humor is the perfect foil for upstate reality. I hope you enjoy listening to their adventures as much as the sheep next door enjoying watching them (unlike the chickens, who complain constantly).

Love these guys

Mat and Brian have become dear friends as my fiancé and I have learned to navigate the Hudson Valley and it was our driveway they got stuck in one snowy night! The Mini was perpendicular in the driveway, it was impressive and a weirdly wonderful way to bond with these two great guys.

Love it

Big fans of Mat and Brian and longing to own a place out of Manhattan one day I love listening to cidiot as a little escape.

Change Your Address. Change Your Life.

Four years ago, my husband and I decided we needed a change in our lives. We bought a house in the country, and made it our home. We still have roots in the city, but we've learned so much about country living. This is Mat Zucker's attempt to distill our advice for you. I'm slightly biased, but he's done a great job. Want to know how to pick a town for a new home? Curious about how we made friends? Subscribe and Mat will tell you, along with some funny stories about entering into a new community, and making new lives for ourselves.