Hey, Cidiots!


Down in the valley, moved up from the city. 
It’s a new way of living, and I’m trying to get used to it. 

One part clueless, half an ounce of an idiot. 
Ordered a Manhattan, and they called me a cidiot.


Podcaster Mat Zucker, and Space Studios producing team El Seuco and The Don, release “Cidiot”—a theme song capturing the experience of moving to the country from the city, which for thousands of Americans started even before the coronavirus pandemic.

Stylistically, the song is a true crossover track mixing Pop, Hip Hop, Soul and R&B, to create a catchy and instantly recognizable vibe. The song mixes old school Wurlitzer Keys and soul-styled guitars with contemporary beats and Rap vocals to create a sound that exemplifies the diversity of people and perspectives that inhabit the Hudson Valley.

Inspired by the award-winning podcast, the new song is co-produced by Cidiot Publishing and Space Studios Publishing. Contact Mat Zucker of Cidiot or El Sueco and The Don of Space Studios for more information. 
"Cidiot Anthem" will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and more. Right now, you can pre-save the song on Spotify.


“A hilarious, jubilant and damn apt song about the Hudson Valley folks locals love to hate and hate to love.”— Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson

“Captures the vibe, tells the story, and brings it home.”— Alan Katz, Founder and CEO, The Mountains

"Nice vibe, laid back, chill and perfect for vibing with. Masterpiece.”— Kyle “K. Sparks” Hunter CEO of Rhythm Couture

“Captures the spirit of moving up here and our 'upstate & chill' aesthetic. —Andrew Addotta, Hamiton & Adams, Kingston, NY

"The Cidiot Anthem, like the podcast it's named after, perfectly captures the humor, adventure, and occasional confusion that comes along with moving to the country. It's the new jam for embracing new experiences!"—Erik Torgeson, Cabincast podcast

“Regardless you spell citiot, the cidiot anthem is a call to arms to move up here.” — Pim Zeegers, Citiot, Catskill, NY

“Fun, clever and always entertaining. El Sueco and the Don does it again!” — DJ Automatic, Co-Host and Executive Produce, The Dana Cortez Show

"Can one song unite locals and cidiots alike? We're about to find out."—Mark Mendelis, Creative director/host of tongacabin