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Cidiot Trucker Cap

Wear with pride the official Cidiot trucker cap — one size fits all, sporting the iconic baby goat logo of the podcast. Price includes shipping within continental U.S.


Cidiot Kidding Around T's & Baseball Shirts

Explore the many shirt options in colors, sizes and types, featuring the iconic kid goat, designed by a Hudson Valley graphic designer.


Cidiot Notebook

Spiral notebook featuring the Cidiot goat logo on the cover and 120 pages. Available in a selection of ruled or graph pages. Handy document pocket inside the back cover.



A living, breathing list of books about moving to the country and making the most of it. Essays, memoirs, guides, histories, even some fiction. Through the terrific independence book shop source Bookshop.org, with whom I’m an affiliate and love supporting anyway. Please share additional ideas or quotes for specific books through the Contact form so I can keep this fresh, fun and candid.

Cidiot Travel Mug

Take the country spirit with you. Keep your coffee warm and your water cold in this travel mug.


Cidiot Podcast Magnet

What's in the larder? Get yourself a Cidiot podcast magnet. Also available with just the baby goat in the Redbubble store.


Wingman House Manual - Cidiot Edition

Get a handle on the never-ending list of tasks needed to take care of your lovely home! After all, a house is like a living organism that needs care and attention every darn day. The Wingman House Manual, created by expert estate manager and personal concierge Kimberlie Dykeman, is a great first step to seeing the big picture of your home, taking inventory, getting organized, and understanding what to do, how often to do it, and who to engage for help. With this download, Kimberlie also offers a 15 minute call to ask questions and make sure you understand how to use this house manual to the greatest extent... and personalize it. As heard on Cidiot episode 56.

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