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Nov. 22, 2021

Why Cidiot

Why Cidiot

“Cidiot” refers to a hardened city person who moves to the country and acclimates through experience.

After 20 years in Manhattan, my husband Brian and I purchased an 1847 cottage in Dutchess County and have been shifting our lives here even as we clearly have much to learn. For me, it’s reshaped what I see, how I spend time, how I look after myself, and even what joy feels like I had planned on writing a series of articles about life up here, but then the Anchor app came along. It’s a podcasting platform so easy to use, I wanted to try it out. I record Cidiot on it and with one click, I can distribute it across more than 10 different platforms including Anchor, Apple, Google, Overcast, Stitcher, Spotify, Pocketcast, Radio Public, and more. You can play the latest episodes of Cidiot here, as well as access the other platforms.

Here is an essay I published about "Becoming A Cidiot" in Hudson Valley Magazine. Cidiot was also written up in Hudson Valley Magazine and recommended by arts magazine Chronogram as one of “Six Hudson Valley Podcasts You Should Be Listening To.” More press clippings available in the blog.

Please share this page and the podcast with people you think will like it, whether they live in upstate New York, the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains, the Berkshires or anywhere it feels a bit rural. Add your email to the newsletter list to stay current with the latest news. Hope you enjoy Cidiot as much I like creating it. Come visit.