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Sept. 6, 2022

Coworking Spaces Across The Hudson Valley and Berkshires

Coworking Spaces Across The Hudson Valley and Berkshires

Whether you are up here in the Hudson Valley for a visit, or tired of working from home and need a place to get some work done, there’s a growing number of smart, fun, energetic, well-designed co-working spaces open to anyone. The Daily Yonder, recently did a post about the “future of work” and where this new direction of co-working is headed. It feels like a good time to dig into local spots. 

Most days I love the convenience of working from home. There are days, though, when I just need a fresh space, to feel more productive and get out my normal routine. In the city these spaces can feel overcrowded, but outside Manhattan, where the air is a bit fresher and the population a bit less dense, the want for creative community and connection is booming.

Here are some of my favorite spots, several of which I have visited or tried:

Bangallworks (Stanfordville) 

Bangallworks room with sofas

This beautiful co-working community, highlighted in Episode 49, focuses on bringing you the professional environment to work freely in the rural area we know and love. There’s much to say about this space, including gorgeous new renovations to a space that was once a general store with new private creek view workspaces and even member accessible Pelotons.

Bangallworks is very much a part of the Stanfordville community in north-central Dutchess County. For example in June, Bangallworks and the Town of Stanford sponsored the “Scrabble Word Tourney” celebrating Alfred Mosher Butts, inventor of the game and one-time resident of Stanford. 

Barnfox (Hudson, Kingston, Livingston Manor, NYC)

Created in collaboration between remote work serial entrepreneur Frederick Pikovsky and industrial designer Tim Tedesco, Barnfox is a network of design-focused, community-driven workspaces bridging cities to getaway destinations.  Now three locations across Hudson Valley and Catskills plus, as mentioned in this Times Union piece, has expanded to a spot in Manhattan’s Union Square. 

Beahive (Albany, Beacon, Cold Spring, Newburgh) 

Beahive was founded in 2009 and is sort of the “OG” of co-working spaces in the Hudson Valley, located in Beacon originally and now expanded to multiple locations. Beahive provides a member-powered work environment for locally-focused entrepreneurs, creatives, consultants, and microbusinesses.

Exchanges exist with the NY Coworking Collective, which includes CoWork Kingston, Beahive, CO, Cocoon (Brooklyn) and The Commons (Manhattan). 

Citiot (Catskill) 

Working at Citiot

Citiot in Catskill offers a fully equipped co-working space as part of their boutique/retail/gallery/coffee shop. Work at separate desks where a laptop can be connected to a big screen, or at a communal table. In addition, there are two sound proof booths for private calls with high-speed internet and color printing available. Your first specialty drink/coffee is included in the rate, and you get a 10% discount on everything else in the store during your visit. Hear more about the opening in my interview with Citiot owner Pim Zeegers in Episode 52.

They encourage drop ins, and offer the phone booths per hour, and the desks and communal table per half day/full day. Package options available upon request: info@nycitiot.com. Citiot was a Chronogrammie 2022 Runner-Up for Best Remote Work Spot. Photo in blog post header is also from Citiot.

CO (Rhinebeck) 

Co in Rhinebeck

A place I’ve started to work out of semi-regularly is CO in Rhinebeck. CO is a cooperatively-owned center for entrepreneurship, action, and inspiration. They are committed to building a future of shared resources and supportive networks. CO is in the heart of the mid-Hudson Valley in the village of Rhinebeck, NY. You can do day-passes or formal membership and there’s a great event space to rent out as well as exchanges with the NY Coworking Collective, which includes CoWork Kingston, Beahive, CO, Cocoon (Brooklyn) and The Commons (Manhattan).

I first tried it with a day-pass and liked it so much, I bought a 10-pack, which is inexpensive and will motivate me to come more often. “Beyond a focused environment for getting work done,” says Megan Byrne, community manager. “CO provides workshops for small businesses, networking for professionals and community events such as our upcoming clothing swap on September 30. As Community Manager, I love getting to know our vibrant community and creating enriching opportunities at CO.”

CoWork Kingston (Kingston)

In the Stockade District (Kingston’s uptown) is CoWork Kingston, a hub for entrepreneurs and professionals. Community and dedicated memberships are available, as are daily drop-in rates, private offices, or virtual offices if you simply need an address. Exchanges are with the NY Coworking Collective which includes CoWork Kingston, Beahive, CO., Cocoon (Brooklyn) and The Commons (Manhattan). 

Wekshires (West Stockbridge, MA) 

The Werkshires is a unique work environment in West Stockbridge, MA featuring offices, desks and conference rental for creative and professional businesses and individuals in the Berkshires. With all utilities, high-speed wi-fi & shared kitchen included, not to mention most daily needs within easy walking distance, The Werkshires is as convenient as its bucolic setting is beautiful. Making a break from Brooklyn, the founding couple Karden and Gillian desired to dig roots in one of their favorite towns in the Berkshires.

Additional spots to work out of:

Have comments or more places to add? Please let me know through the Contact page, so I can keep this listing of spots for remote working robust and current.