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May 11, 2023

87. Cheese Please

87. Cheese Please

This episode is all about cheese. Who doesn't love it?

To answer them all, Cidiot interviews Lauren Cunningham-Housman, owner of The Corner Counter, a new cheese and provisions shop in Red Hook, NY.

Lauren worked for years with iconic cheese purveyor Murray's Cheese in New York City, and combining her business school education and her experience in (and love of) cheese, built a plan to open her own shop. I ask her how she chose the Hudson Valley, about her journey from intern to opening her own business. I also ask about geography. Is the Hudson Valley special for cheese? And how should one buy cheese? What should I bring to a dinner party? Can we eat the rind? What’s her desert island cheese? This episode is a cidiot primer on cheese, including “affenage” — day care for cheese and facts about cheese you might not know such as there are just four ingredients in cheese, and ideas I never thought about like the seasonality of cheeses.

Tune in to learn, taste with your ears and have a laugh. Plus, for a limited time as part of the grand opening, Lauren is offering Cidiot listeners 10% off cheese and charcuterie when you use the secret code GOATS at checkout.

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