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April 20, 2023

86. Route 9 - Albany Post Road

86. Route 9 - Albany Post Road

Sometimes the show takes you to new places, and sometimes the way to get there is the destination. U.S. Route 9 is historic—for much of the portion in New York State, it's The Albany Post Road. Join Cidiot® for a very personal driving tour from Poughkeepsie to Kinderhook with sites, stops and history along the way. Be sure to see the surviving markers, a system developed by Ben Franklin, including the iconic 100-mile marker in Rhinebeck.

Below are some of the places mentioned w/links for more info.


Poughkeepsie to Hyde Park:


Staatsburgh to Rhinebeck:


Red Hook:


Clermont to Claverack:


Claverack to Hudson:


Stuyvesant to Valatie:


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Sources for this episode: Croton History.org, Historic Red Hook, Poughkeepsie Journal, Rhinebeck NY Past & Future, Wikipedia. Photo: Brian Fuhr.

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