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April 14, 2022

64. A Cidiot's Ballot

64. A Cidiot's Ballot

TJ Eads of Greig Farm, finalist for Chef

The Chronogrammies weren't always reader's choice, but luckily they are now. This episode, Mat reviews Chronogram magazine's 3rd Annual Chronogrammies finalists category by category with his picks for your vote—and why.

From Arts & Entertainment and Retail to Nature & Outdoors, Shelter, Health & Wellness, and even People. You'll hear his top picks including Adams Fairacre Farms, Ashokan Resevoir, Bangallworks, Clermont, Citiot, Giobatta, Graham & Co., Greig Farm, Oblong Books, Olana Historic Site, Pause Dog Boutique, Rough Draft Bar & Books, WKZE and Woodstock Meats. Read the blog post with the full ballot.

Thanks for listening to Cidiot, 2021 Chronogrammie Winner of Best Regional Podcast.

You can vote now—and every day— from April 1-May 15 with just an email address at Chronogram.com under Chronogrammies.

Pictured above is T.J. Eads of Greig Farm, finalist for Chef.

Excited for this vote and this season. Come visit. 

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