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March 31, 2022

63. Comfort & Joy

63. Comfort & Joy

Whether you consider cottage core a movement or a stylish trend, it’s a connection to the past. I talk about what it means to me, including its form in Jello-molds. I also talk to Jeremy Franson and Sandra Franson, who run Comfort & Joy - Family Heritage for Today. We talk about their connection to the Hudson Valley, visiting Grammy Joy in Rhinebeck (they called it “Regular Town”), living on a farm, chamber pots, and about tradition—and why it’s important to keep it. We also get a primer in Women’s Suffrage Movement history for Jeremy’s twin sister Joelle, which is timely during Women’s History Month.

Here are some helpful links to things mentioned in the episode:

"Cottagecore: The Whimsical Trend That May Just Help Your Mental Health" (Healthline)

Comfort & Joy - Family Heritage for Today: Send in recipes and stories to heritage@comfortandjoys.com or use the form at the website.

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