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March 3, 2022

61. Floridiot

61. Floridiot

Mat, Brian and Nora on the beach

Cidiot is about being new in and acclimating to country life. So what happens if you, say, move to south Florida for a few months and try to fit in there? In this special episode, you'll find out.

Mat shares his eight observations comparing life in Florida to the Hudson Valley, including a guest voice: his brother-in-law's brother-in-law Irwin Levy, who is active in the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society. Tune in for some laughs and, of course, warmth. Shout outs to Tim Hurley and cousins Lysi and Melody.

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Flamingo Mailbox

In the meantime, here's the mailbox around the corner from the short-term rental we stayed in. I wonder if they also make ones of goats?


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