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Sept. 16, 2018

5. Fall

5. Fall

Fall is amazing in the Hudson Valley. From iconic apples to sheep and street festivals, this episode of Cidiot talks about the activities and food that makes it special. Plus a surprise call in from my husband Brian and a seven-step hard-learned guide on getting ready for winter.

A lot of fall activities around the region:

  • Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest
  • Sheep and Wool Festival
  • The Garlic Festival
  • O+
  • Headless Horsemen Hayrides
  • Tivoli Streetpainting Festival
  • Hobby Festival Smell the Damn Roses
  • Hardscrabble Day

For 2022, See this guide on the blog

Your Fall to-do list:

  • Clean fireplace
  • Refresh your wood supply
  • Service the furnace
  • Gutters clear gutters (after the leaves stop falling)
  • Break down the garden
  • Buy salt
  • Plug in the heat tape