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Dec. 23, 2022

84. And It Worked (Season 5 Finale)

84. And It Worked (Season 5 Finale)

Cidiot closes out Season 5—the show's biggest yet—with reflections on what worked and what's ahead.

Thank you for making Cidiot one of the Hudson Valley's biggest and most loved shows. Stay warm catching up on past episodes and watching the Cidiot anthem video, available here, via Cidiot.com, and on YouTube.

Thank you for our sponsors and partners this season, including El Sueco and the Don, Greig Farm, Hudson Valley Kitchen Design Center, Hudson Community Incubator, Taconic Toastmasters Club, Sunflower Market in Woodstock and Rhinebeck, and Scot Hastie of Pardee's Agency (A World Company).  

Thank you to all the guests this season, including Ben Senterfit and Paul Rivers Bailey, Andrew Addotta, Allison Chawla, Jeremy Franson and Sandra Franson, Emily Sachar, Osun Zotique, Robinson Greig, Elizabeth Sobol, Mary Howard and four other Taconic Toastmasters, Diane Parisella, Kathy Stevens, Brett Barry, Suzanna Hermans, Amy Zimmerman, Amanda Stromoski, Kendra Sinclair and Jared Vengrin, Alissa Hessler, Anne Sanger and Amy Krane.

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